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I was wondering what do you guys listen too while you play games, my friend has a special video game "IN THE ZONE" playlist of songs that get his blood pumping like "I stand alone" and other songs like that, just wondering what you guys listen too for some ideas.
this would be my most amazing videogame pump-me-up mixcd

1. devil may cry theme
2. juno reactor - pistolero (from once upon a time in mexico)
3. interpol - roland (i remember beating brothers in arms listening to this)
4. alexisonfire - accidents
5. the servant - cells (from sin city)
6. santa esmeralda - don't let me be misunderstood (kill bill vol. 1)
7. stereophonics - dakota
8. the strokes - someday (i dunno why, hehe)
9. xiu xiu - i love the valley, OH!
10. underworld - born slippy (from trainspotting)
11. bennie benjamin - battle with honor or humanity (kill bill vol. 1)
12. an albatross - revolutionary politics of dance
13. red hot chili peppers - fight like a brave (tony hawk)
14. beastie boys - sabotage
15. french kicks - living room is empty
16. the stranglers - golden brown (from snatch)
17. the prodigy - spitfire