Victoria's Secret 2003


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Wondering if anyone knows the song in the newest Victoria's Secret ad?

I am not sure which line (maybe body by victoria) it is for, but at some point there's a lady walking onto a porch or balcony.

The song is kind of techno sounding. Any help would be great.
If anyone is looking, I just saw the commercial during the Alias season 3 premiere.

Definitely techno (along the lines of The Crystal Method) a guy in the background says "it's time" while some kind of guitar sounding riff is played.

There's a woman walking around an apartment, then she goes outside and stands by the pool at night while a helicopter flies around.

The screen then flashes "What is sexy?"

I would even appreciate any info on who to e-mail to find the info. I searched the site and can't figure out where to start looking for something like that.

Yeah, that's a great track. It's sounds like a heavy re-mix of a Kid Rock song. The only lyrics I can make out of the rap vocal at the end are something like: "...nasty beats to get busy." but I haven't found any matching text in a web search.

I'm still looking, though.
Wow, Overseer's had a lotta airplay these days.. good on em..
Originally posted by dascoot@Sep 30 2003, 11:19 AM
Wow, Overseer's had a lotta airplay these days.. good on em..
Looks like Overseer is going for the "Most Licensed Ad Music Album Since Moby" award. :blink:
hey have any of you seen the victoria's secret add where it flashes what is sexy? up on the screen?--in the commercial there is this girl walking around--it seems like she is going to the top of her hotel n there are lots of lights with this awesome techno song in the background.. and the person in the song is saying something like 'its time'..any help is appreciated.
Got this from another board:
The music is as follows:
Overseer-is the name of the group
"Slayed"- is the name of the track
"Wreckage" - is the name of the CD
No problem. That album has been used in countless ads lately.
I have this cd, and i just have to say that it is awesome. Its definately not something you would expect overseer to sound like. It was an unexpected surprise, but it also includes some better known tracks such as "Horndog", "Supermoves", and "Stompbox".
Victoria's Secret

T am looking for one particular song from a commercial shown a lot in August and September 2003. Their was one gorgeous brunette model in it and I think she was walking through what looked like a hi tech highrise penthouse. I think at one point she walks out onto a rooftop with what appears to be lights from helicopters shining down on her. The music was instrumental and extremely techno and way cool. Somebody, help!!