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Just caught a fragment of an ad (on Women’s channel?) …waiter offers attractive young black woman two bottles of wine, labels hidden in white napkins, while gorgeous acoustic guitar plays a very familiar little romantic piece originally composed for solo piano (Chopin or Schumann prelude? Scriabin? Debussey?). She chooses one bottle while voiceover says “a nicer way to travel”. Indeed! But what’s the piece? And is that moving scenary in the window behind her? Via Rail? Euro-rail?

Thanks, all
would you be able to find a link to the commercial? i don't have the women's channel, but i'm intrigued! i've had to study some of their songs, so i'd like to give it a go! :D
Sorry AmelieMellow,
I have no link to offer, and I have yet to see the ad again. I did see another ad however, this one from Via Rail offering a “more humane way of travel.” The musical score was more contemporary-sounding this time, but still featuring that gorgeous shimmering acoustic guitar. I don’t know if the ads are being aired much outside Canada, and I don’t know where/how to link to it.
By the way, when I do a Google search for “Via Rail ad” etc., I get articles about “Adscam,” the sponsorship scandal involving various Canadian ad campaigns, Via Rail among them. Perhaps this very ad is one such example of our tax dollars at work, I don’t know.

Hi again

The music is Debussy’s Claire de Lune”
I finally saw the ad again, and it was indeed Via Rail - “a more human way to travel”

VIA Rail also has two smaller, 15-second ads using the same guitar, but they don't use Clair de Lune in it - I'm not sure what the piece is; it may be something they recorded specifically for the ads, but it is very beautifully done. If I remember correctly, I believe I've seen both the short versions and the Clair de Lune version on The Score and on CBC during Hockey Night In Canada.

I have been feverishing searching to find out where I could find that version of Clair de Lune because it is absolutely stunning, but so far, no luck...if I find it, I'll definately let you know.
I know what you're talking about. I obtained the guitar version from a friend of mine. I like it. Very classical.