Vh1/Vogue Superstars Promo



What's the song in the commercial for VH1's Vogue Fashion Superstars...it's kinda dance/techno and from what I could make out, they sing something like "Hey pretty girl...". Anyone know? i LOVE IT!


Do you see on this VH1 Promos page? I didn't spot it, but you may be able to recognize the descriptions better...
Yes, I already looked and its not on there... i hate vh1. The people who run it are such assholes, they dont even care about the viewers who keep their flimsy baby boomer-turned pop repetoire-E! knockoff bubble machine network alive. The people at fx are so courteous, that when a viewer would send in a question to the right person about say a song they heard on one of their shows such as Nip/Tuck or The Shield, they would email you back giving you the information you asked for along with a personal thank you for interest in their show and your comments on it. Vh1 just sucks.
Okay... :blink: It was just a suggestion!

If you've emailed VH1 and they haven't given you a response, it's possible they have many others to answer in addition to yours, and will take time. I think they're making a step forward even having those (few) promos and the song information available for the ads listed at their site... Back in the day when we were going nuts trying to figure out the Fischerspooner song "Emerge" from that VH1 ad, it took several days before someone finally recognized it and had an answer. VH1 didn't have the ads section on their site back then... It would have been handy.

So... point is, they're obviously aware that people like their ads and are making an effort to provide the information right there on the site for us. :)
oh i hope they do something soon. i love it how mtv has soundtrack listings for all their shows!