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For anyone that's interested VH1 is using "Banquet" by Bloc Party, "Little House of Savages" by The Walkmen, and "Y-Control" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the ads for Strange Love.
great info, would u happen to know any site that would lead me in the direction of hip hop instrumentals from vh1 and mtv? i googled and couldn't find anything. any help is appreciated
What about the latest Strange Love commercials. They seem to repeat the songs mentioned, but the first song that ques in is a guitar rift that is driving me crazy b/c I can't put my finger on the song's title. Any help would be much appreciated.
YES YES!! thats the sound i want to know too! its a very soothing romantic sound I must find it out or i will and shall explode.
hmm i DLed it and it sounds nothing like it, its too fast paced and loud, the one on the commercial was sloww and romantic/