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What is the title of the clarinet solo that is played in the VH1 Save The Music.Com" tv commercial? It's so haunting, but I can't place it.
They play the song on the Starbucks station all the time (XM). It is a pretty famous jazz piece, and is written for a full jazz ensemble. It goes a lot faster. I am going to ask one of my friends who does a lot of jazz, because I am a mostly classical musician and therefore pretty useless :) .
Okay, I have two composers...Artie Shaw and Acker Bilk. Supposedly it is one of these guys.
An absolute guess, not having seen the commercial:

"Moonglow" (perf. by Benny Goodman)

On numerous Goodman CDs (track 18 on this CD, for instance) and the soundtrack to the film THE FUNERAL.
Another absolute guess, going off of tfn1002's lead with Acker Bilk:

"Stranger on the Shore" (Acker Bilk)

Track 1 on The Best of Acker Bilk CD.
Also featured in the film THE MAJESTIC and on the soundtrack (track 4).
The song is Blue Monk. It is a Thelonious Monk song, but the versions I have heard by them is fairly different, but still the same scale. That took long enough...