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I have seen this commerical on VH1 a lot lately, probably since early April or so. As usual, vh1 shows a montage of clips from music videos and artists, while they play a catchy tune. This ad is like the ones that featured the Carpenters song "Sing" or the on that featured "Do You Realize" by the Flaming Lips. Same style. This particular ad however kinda has a downtempo/techno-esc beat to it. A guy starts in talking. He remarks on music...and [talks about a little]... and says he liked music...then they started giving it names... like jazz...and rock...

This ad features clips from the music videos from:
Moby - "Beautiful"
Green Day - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
...and tons more...
and the whole ad ends with a clip of Justin Timberlake walking [maybe it is from a music video, but I'm not sure] and the "vh1" symbol wraps up around him...and it ends. Again, this is one of their many self-promoting commericals. I will look out for it again to get more of what the guy in the song is actually saying...but for now all I know for sure is that he remarks on how people started giving music names and genres "like jazz...and" so on. Mind you, this is a guy TALKING, not singing, while a techno beat plays. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
Ooooooooh, I think I actually know this one!

The song's called "I Love Music" from the band Flunk. It's on their For Sleepyheads Only cd.

You'll hear a fair amount of their new stuff on the OC this season, too...

Here's a quick link to their Amazon webpage.
THANKS SHOEFRESH!! That is the song exactly!! This baby is solved...sweet!

Again, the song is "I Love Music" by Flunk