VH1 Hip Hop Honors promo music


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It starts of as a western theme song I can't quite recall the name of and then goes into a break beat remix. Does anyone know what this song is?
yes, i would like to know what the song is too. i know they danced to it on a behind the scense episode of fresh prince. and lyrics to the song go something like "jump on it! jump on it! jump on it!" ?????????????????

Sugarhill Gang sampled "Apache", but the VH1 commercial uses the original version which is done by the Incredible Bongo Band.
I just saw another ad for the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, using a different song. This newer one has the tag line: "You see a turntable. They saw a band. You see a mic. They saw respect."

This ad uses the song "It's Just Begun" by Jimmy Castor Bunch. Link goes to available audio sample, track 3.
though I do have that fat boy cd which is just a recording of a DJ set he did - so I'm sure he mixed it in and up. peace.