VH1 Flab to Fab


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Does anyone know the music playing during the VH1 "Flab to Fab" commercial?
There are a couple of songs playing but the one I wanted to know the name to just has instrumentals and sounds like a dance song.

Thanks for any help.
I want one of those songs as well, do you or anyone else know the song where they keep saying "work it, work it!" Thanks for the help.
Somewhere on VH1's site, they use to have a section for their commercials. They've switched the site around since the last time I visited, and I can't find anything... Maybe someone else will have some luck/or know where the promos are on the site... :unsure:
Did anyone find out what the name of the song was?

I think we are looking for the same song. Does it have an Ol'Skool rap type beat.
I am trying to find out the name of the song which is played during the Flab to fab commercial. It is a fast pace dance/ol skool hiphop song. I've been everywhere looking for it including the VH1 website, which tells you nothing :( .

Thanks in ahead for your replies.
I found the name of the song, it is called "Hot n Cold" by Basement Jaxx.