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heys! first time me posting here.

i looked and i looked and couldn't find what i wanted. then i stumbled here and thought that adtunes were the perfect thing to find the song i wanted. but i still couldn't find it. maybe its too new...i know its for the new shows...but the show i can remember that the commercial has on is motormouth..and since motormouth premiered today. october 26, maybe its too new. so...

info = the commercial is fairly new....it includes the new series motormouth

the lyrics says something like this =

change the music, change the song, change the breathing, change is coming, come on in, change tomorrow change today.

yeah. thats all i can figure out. not exactly in that order but chronologically yes. anybody knows that song? it seems the only latest thing that people notice is the buzzcocks ones. `:)
i think i saw it once, i liked it but i don't have any info on it. i wish i could watch it again cos i really liked it....
yeah man....

i need to see it again too. i stayed up watching last night like 2am when they were playing music but they just showed the vh1 commercial with the buzzcocks...ya know...britney...gwen...beasties...rainbow and stuff.

but i think they just show the commercial we're talking about during their reality tv shows. cos i saw it when they played 'the surreal life' and then 'motormouth'.

i tried multiple combinations of word to find it on google but to no avail. i tried lyrics, song title, vh1 and nothing.

adtunes seems to be the most promising place to be. but man...it seems no one knows. hopefully as more people see it they would want to know too.

thanks for the feedback pal. appreciate it. let me know if you finally figure it out.

peace for sentient beings!
i saw it again!! i think it's a female voice, the lyrics are something like 'change the music, change the song,....change tomorrow, change today'
i also liked motormouth!!!

hey, y'all...there's this song on a vh1 commercial that goes like "change the music...change the drug, change tomorrow, change today" i don't know what's in the middle, i get it sort of mixed up together. but anyway, if anyone knows the name of this, i'd appreciate it. thanks, smith
yeah i started it. let me know if anyone figured it out. `:)

i googled my ass off and still couldn't find it.

sexy things you doing......

mergin' and all `:)

and ei.........................where's the brain? nobody knows this song or can't find it? i spent hours already and i kinda given up. so i come and check this out every week or so. oh don't nobody know it but......

open the door and shoot at me when you guys infiltrate the the banks.

you'd know you'd ....