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Have you guys seen the commercial with the women laughing in the car and then the screen says "what happens here, stays here" I like the song in the background i just wanted to know if anyone knew what it was thanks
guys plz help me i really like this song, it is the only vegas commercial
Jbar, you have to be patient. You may have to actually wait more than 4 hours and 42 minutes. When someone knows, they'll post it.
Yeah. I've seen the commercial but can't remember any music associated with it.
It's with four women in the back of a limo and one is looking really embarrassed. The other three begin to laugh at her until she eventually begings to laugh with them. Is that the one? Got any lyrics? Description of the music? Anything?
Ok. I've found a place to view the ad.
It's the one that says silent car. Unfortunately it's a ram file and I get an error message telling me that my service profile is damaged so I can't watch it. :banghead: NowI've gotta see what THAT'S all about. :angry:
It's just a dance club beat looping.. No clue if it's from a song or not, I didn't recognize it.
thanks guys there arent any lyrics in the video and yes it is with 4 girls, 3 of them laughin and one is emberassed i really like the song
Does anyone know the song that is playing in this commercial. One of the women is wearing a vale and the other girls are laughing in a limo. It is a house song. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.