Vaseline Intense Moisture



Hey a new ad campaign is out for the Vasoline product. The most recent commercail includes glasses of water behind people walking away, such as 4 left in an elevator after some people get off and etc. It explains how the skin losses a pint of water a day. Anyways the music is very similiar to that of the Aquos "See more" ad.

I hope to see it again soon the get a much better description of the music,.
I was wondering what the song in the new ad for Vaseline Intense Moisture is. The commerical is about how much water skin looses each day, and there are glasses of water where people were. There are glasses of water on the escalator, elevator, and taxi to name a few. The song is mainly the piano, and there are no words that I can recall. Please help me! Thanks a lot...
It was composed specifically for the ad by JUSTIN LABO.

You can listen to some other samples of his work here.
I guess this one wasn't popular in both discussion and with television. The commercail hasn't aired in well over 3 weeks. (I believe the campaign ended with the advent of spring).