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There is a new commercial for VANS shoes airing right now. It has a guy that pops in a cassette tape and it sounds like an Elvis song comes on and he starts throwing chairs around in an all white room, and it also shows him snowboarding. It's an advertisement for the new XL2 shoe. I want to know what the name of that song is, can anyone help me???
No, unfortunately it's not. I'm familiar with that song as it appears on my copy of Elvis' 30 Number One Hits. The song sounds similar but is not A Little Less Conversation. I've listened to the VANS commercial online as well as on tv, and I just can't make out the lyrics. If anyone has any idea I'd really appreciate it!
The song in the Vans commercial is called "American Nightmare" by the Misfits (a way cool punk rock band from New Jersey) and can be found on their Legacy Of Brutality compilation album, but I'm sure someone must have it available for download somewhere if you really want it. Hope that helps!