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its been driving me crazy for weeks (and i've in turn been driving my friends crazy) but which is the commercial on tv now that has a tune that goes...DUMM DA DAA DUM...? i dont need to know the song...i just wanna know which commercial it is!! thanks :D
to me, it sounds like the theme song for "dragnet." but, i could be wrong...

anyone got a clue?
someone told me it could be the new mastercard commercial, which the dad and the daughter standing out front of the house with a guy. i've been told possibly cleaning supply commercials too...
what kind of music is it? fast, club, techno, country, rock, etc... ?
It is from a cleaning supply and I can't for the life of me remember which one.

Michelle - it's kind of jingly sounding (as in a commercial jingle, not bells jingling), not from any popular music.



Probably what you're looking for. That takes me back.
dum da dum

I think it is from that saturn car comm the one where everybodys driving boxes around sort of sunny music like the partridges or bradys. I don't know who sings that song but it is in my head all the time. Guess there could be worse things in there. :D
i've been told its the V8 commercial where a guy and a girl are at a hot dog stand, and the girl is drinking V8...but i dont know where to find that commercial or its music :(
okay not at a hot dog stand...in a store eating nachos...
just to confirm what commercial this "dum da dum" song is from... i just saw it on tv, and it is the v8 commercial with the girl getting nachos.

no clue where to tell you to download the commercial or anything...clipland didn't have it, but i didn't look anywhere else.

i just saw it during the cbs news.
the commercial takes place in a convenience store where two guys are eyeing a hot girl who walks in and grabs a Lemon Twist v8 from the back. At the end of the commercial she's squeezing out cheese onto a tray of nachos.
This was asked about before, which I can't find the thread for, but I'm 99% positive the song was done just for the ad...
Anywho, there is no way this was made specifically for V8, I swear I've heard it before... :D !! Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me recall where... either way, Melodie MC - Dum da dum sounds like a good enough choice for me, we'll see where that takes us, eh? I'll report back...

Ok, so it isn't Melodie MC, but I refuse to believe that it was commissioned! Its really starting to irk me though... I'm about to the point of e-mailing the V8 folks.

"dum ^ da ^ da v dum, ^ da v da v da v da ^ dum..." all slow and happy-like... ;)
this little ditty gets stuck in my head every time i see it. it sounded to me like it was made for the commercial, but i DO know a song that sounds soooo similar to it. i think it would be easy to confuse the two...it's "i've told every little star" by linda scott...

have a listen .... track #1

doh...i just listened to this sample and it didn't have the "da da da" part, but believe me!! it sounds really similar!
Does anyone know the name of the song used in those V8 commercials with that hot girl? It doesn't have any instruments playing, it just has a girl singing by herself. It kinda goes: doo do do do.... doo do do do...... do da da do, do do do do do do.
Discussed previously. Not sure if it got answered, I think so.
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From "Craw" -- hey i think its the same song from the caskade commercial where a lady is putting pink icing on a cake and then puts the plate with the cake on it in the dish washer with cascade then the cake desolves and the plate is clean but i dont know what it is called ill look tho
I did use the search tool.. there were no results!

The song from the V8 Juice commercial where the girl walks into the convenience store and gets the nachos....

"dum, duh dah dah"