Pretty sweet music on the trailer, especially near the end when it builds up.....WHAT IS IT????

First off, hello to everyone here. Ive been a longtime lurker and have used this site many a time and now I need your guys help!

The song I seek is in this trailer for the new jet li movie unleashed...

Towards the last quarter of the trailer starting right after the girl says "i think its time to put the last thing away" then she unclicks his collar then the song starts.

It has a strong piano repetition that builds up to having some strong upbeat percussion drums then finishes with a grungy strumming guitar on top of it all.

Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks...
'Unleashed' Trailer

00:00:20 - 00:00:55 "Puppet Love"
00:00:57 - 00:01:35 "???"
00:01:47 - 00:02:25 "Apocalypse Please (Instrumental)" by Muse

I've done my research. What is that mystery song? Please, your my last hope.
There was a suggestion on the IMDb Message Board that it resembled 'Transcription Errors' from the soundtrack of Timeline by BRIAN TYLER.

I think it's more than a resemblance...

Listen to a sample here (Track 11).
the song on the soundtrack, timeline, sounds close. I called the company (rogue pictures) and the middle song, the one with the alternative piano, with the bass beat in the backround, right before the muse song... it is a score by Gardener Scores. It is a locally based (los angeles) company that did the score only for the Unleashed trailer. I have searched the internet rigorusly and have searched on LimeWire, Kazaa, Arees, and amazon and i have had no luck. Good luck trying to find it
Originally posted by Tay@Jan 29 2005, 03:29 PM
Fsck, so it's the Spider-man 2 scenerio. <_<
Haha - I hated that thread. 11 pages of just random crap of who thought what, and once it was determined, people asking where to get it OVER and OVER again.

Regardless - this film itself looks nice.

EDIT: The link provided no longer works - here's the new location you can find it at.

Do you guys know the song at the part of the trailer when it says "raised as an animal"? Its a cool song, ty.
There's a tv spot for jet li's unleashed that only has drums playing quickly in bursts. Anyone know if it's custom music made just for the trailer, or is it from a song, thanks.