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Song 1: The episode where theyre playing risk, theres music playing when jesse says "Time to resue nitz" and someone asks "time to take another birth control pill?" The song sounds like its saying "Crazy disco girl"

Song 2: The last episode right st the end. Sounds like the words are "Open wide" (This is right st the end where it shows gimpy walk out of tekerson blocking his eyes from sunlight)

If anyone knows the names of these 2 songs could you please tell me :) id appreciate it.
Do you know the names of the episodes or when they aired?
Song 1: Episode 12: RISK

Song 2: Episode 13.. dont know name

ANd they were first aired about 2 years ago
Episode: 1-12 - Title: Risk - Original Air date: 05-Aug-2001

Episode: 1-13 - Title: Screw Week - Original Air date: 12-Aug-2001

Here is a list of all the sings in episode 12, supposedly in the order they were played:

The Click - Good Charlotte
Top Of The World - Juliana Theory
Shave Your Head - Magnet
Sun City Suicide - Go Robot, Go
Disko Mysterious Girl - Vibrolux
Sara's Black Pyjamas - The Bonaduces

I'm guessing "Disko Mysterious Girl" is the song you're looking for.

Here are the songs from episode 13:

The Click - Good Charlotte
All out of Love - Jono Grant and Chris Ross (original recording by Air Supply)
Shake It Up - Push Kings
Staring At The Stars - All Systems Go
She Left Me - Math And Science
20 Dollar High - Strawberry
Powers - Rockfour
Vodka Sonic - All Systems Go
Overboard - The Rosenbergs

If these are actually in order "Overboard" would be the one you're looking for.

Hope this helps. :)
Thanks for the help :D :D :D I found overboard but the other song is quite hard to find... But ill find it so thanks again!

Edit: Seems the disko girl song is harder to find than I thought :(
I'm looking for this one song in one of the episodes of Undergrads. I don't remember any lyrics of it, it's just some quiet guitar playing in the beginning, then some quiet singing, later some rock plays, but still in a calm, quiet way (Coldplay-ish) it's played in the episode where it's the end of the year I believe, Nitz and Kimmy finally kissing etc. As Nitz walks home from that party, that other female friend (can't remember name, short, purple hair and tan) drives up and gets pissed at Nitz for suddenly leaving her at the party to talk to Kimmy (she's all crying 'cause Mark turns out to be gay). This song plays til the end of the last scene. I MIGHT be able to recall this one quote from the song "Open you eyes .... " something sounds like that, maybe, maybe not. Thanks
I'm trying to figure out what song is playing at the end of one of the episodes of Undergrads. It's the episode where Nitz moves in with that girl with the purple hair (can't remember her name) and then asks her out and the have a fight and blah blah blah. The chorus goes something like "do you want to see how much I can take, can't you just leave that alone" and it's sort of a indie/punk tune. I haven't been able to find it...I'm hoping someone out there can. Thanks!
Quite a while ago when I tried to find out what song it is I came up with that as well, but I didn't think it sounded right. Now that someone else has come up with the same answer I guess it's right. Thanks for the help.
I'm wondering about a tune playing at the end of Undergrads episode 1-10 ("Identity Crisis") while the credits are running. The lyrics are something along the lines of "Sometimes I feel like a mouse on wheels" ... any takers?


- a.
I haven't seen the show, but could the lyrics possibly have been "sometimes I feel like I am drunk behind the wheel?" If so, then it's "Out of My Head" by Fastball.
Nope, that's not it. There's also something in there about "I'm not made of plastic".

- a.
Whats the intro song that plays in that show? Its been so long since I have seen it, I have forgotten that song :p
Remember that topic I posted on about "the last episode" of Undergrads a LOOONG time ago? With this sad song at the end bla bla bla .... finally found it on the undergrads.tv website
it was "Overboard" by The Rosenbergs
does anyone know the song they played when the credits start to roll on the "virgins" episode of undergrads?