Uncle Ben's Rice Dinner


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There's a semi-new Uncle Ben's commercial where this guy is a chef. He gets on the subway and goes home. He cooks dinner for him and his wife, and uses Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, popping it in the microwave while he finishes cooking the meat.

The song is a piano song. I don't know if it's done specially for the commercial or not, but if anyone could help I would appricate it.
If we don't answer then no one knows the answer and, chances are, it was composed just for the commercial.
I have heard the piano passage before but I can't remember the name of the song. The riff really sticks with you though.

If anyone remembers, I would love to jog my memory as well
I searched and searched all of yesterday morning trying to find out who composed that music or if it was just a short blurb made for the commercial. I am so relaxed by the music. Everytime it comes on my television, I have to stop and listen. I would love to know what it is because very little has the ability to relax me.
What's the slow piano piece played when the chef is looking stressed out at the beginning of this commercial? I don't think the commercial is still airing, it was about a month ago if I recall.
I am trying to figure out the song used in the current Uncle Ben's Rice commercial. The only part they play is slow sort of powerful piano chords, but I think it is the beginning of a recent popular song - for some reason I thought maybe Phil Collins, but not sure. Does anyone know what song this is?
Yes, I'd like to know the source of this piano music as well.
This is what i got from Uncle Ben's:

In response to your email regarding UNCLE BEN'S READY RICE advertising.

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your interest with our UNCLE
BEN'S READY RICE advertising. The background music on the commercial is
original music that was composed and scored by Elias Music Company. It
is not available for retail sale.

Again, thank you for contacting us.

Nancy Nava
Uncle Ben's Consumer Care Department