two pharmaceutical (sp...) commercials


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altovis and enzyte

the altovis commercial has no lyrics and sounds oddly like a videogame theme or something... altovis is a energy/fatigue pill

enzyte's commercial also has no lyrics, and is completely whistling (or nearly completely...). enzyte is a male sexual enhancer of sorts...

most likely these are commissioned pieces, but i thought i'd throw this out there just in case.

oh, and i just saw the altovis commercial at the 12:30 - 1:00 showing of the nanny on lifetime or some channel like that...

thanks in advance!
saw the altovis ad today. i hosted it here. (RealMedia/MPEG)

(try refreshing the page and scrolling up/down if necessary)

Awesome music! The beginning sounds almost identical to (The following link goes to a MIDI) Seguidilla and Duet from Bizet's Carmen Suite. ( Subject to confirmation from givemfitz, B) our resident classical music expert ). The end sounds different though... May be it is a variation or a techno mix? :unsure: Anybody has any ideas?
someone has asked about the Enzyte ad... I don't think they got an answer yet.
I think I am the most recent person to ask about it. It's been heard in other commercials, so it must have a name.
probably called "stock music" -- ;) just kidding of course, maybe it will turn up as a real song somewhere... personally haven't seen the ad though. :unsure:
i saw a new version of the altovis ad today. this time the song had a second part, which sounds like Seguidilla and Duet too. so i'm now pretty sure it's carmen. i'll try to capture this version...i hope it's in my dvr :unsure: this has started to drive me crazy! :( :blink: