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Hey dudez, i was wondering... In the trailer on T.V (shorter), there is a cool rock song in the background, but i dont think its in all the big trailers you find online. Maybe its the same song, but i doubt it, does someone now the band?

one told me it was this Unearthed - Nineveh but i dont think it is, the one in the trailer had words to it, and was harder!

Hello there ^_^

Hmm, I'm seeing this one:

E.S. Posthumus - Ninevah

~ Mia ~

E.S. Posthumus is Unearth's album name, so were basically talking about the same song!

you see, im still not sure if its that or not, thats the one im talking about, the long one. It could be it and im getting mixed up. Well i guess it's Unearthed - Nineveh, ill download it and hear the whole thing

Hey there,

I found the info about that here:

And actually Unearthed is the album name and E.S. Posthumus is the band.

ES Posthumus' debut CD, Unearthed, is a collection of world orchestral dance electronica, not foo far from the territory pioneered by groups like Enigma and Deep Forest. E.S. Postumus manages to top both these predecessors with convincing orchestral writing, dynamic percussion work and creative synth work.


~ Mia ~
yeah! thats where i got the info to! well, ill just download that song i guess!... so unearthed is the album name!...good to know....

THANX AGAIN for your help
LOL I don't know if I got you any further than you already were, but it's my pleasure. :D I hope that is your song.

~ Mia ~