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Does anyone know what the name of the song is that is playing during the Nick at Nite/TV Land commercial where everyone's at home and it says "share meals together". The commercial shows clips of people with their families having a good time with captions such as "times where we wish we had more time." It has a pretty cool drum line. The only lyrics I can remember are "Home is where I want to be." Anyone have an idea?
"Home Is Where I Want To Be" by Mott The Hoople?

Maybe Im just unfortunate
Maybe Im alone in thinking that Ive got a lot to say
Too far in to be anywhere
Lost in the place where nobody seems to know the way

Gave it a try but now Im ready to cry
And run back to the place where I was raised

Home is where I wanna be
Home is where youll always see
Friendly faces thatll never turn you down
Or say goodbye
No, this is not the song. The song in this commercial sounds like a really contemporary song. Any other ideas?
the song you are looking for is "nothing gives me pleasure" by Josh Rouse

Originally posted by gajbhatt@Mar 4 2007, 03:39 AM
the song you are looking for is "nothing gives me pleasure" by Josh Rouse


Time, you should set aside some time for yourself
Time for just you and no one else,
Time to figure out what's for the best, for both of us
Home, home is where I always want to be,
Home is there for you and is for me,
Home is where I never want to leave.

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