Trying to figure out the name and of this song!!


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Can someone help? I'm trying to figure out the name and artist of this new song I've been hearing onthe radio of what seems to be a chick singing.. It's alternative/rockish and part of the lyrics are:

"i'll tell you when the time is right,
are you in, or are you out
they want to know
to stand by your words..."

there are gaps in the lyrics and someo f those words might not be correct but can someone please please help me? Thanks a lot!

- Jennifer

wow, i thot it was a chick singing but it's a dude?!
Originally posted by Mr. Awesome@Jun 1 2004, 10:58 AM
Heh, he sorta sounds like Geddy Lee of Rush.
Hey I saw them in concert last week.
Yeah, they just kicked off their 30th anniversary tour -- which started, of all places, in Nashville (where I saw them).
Oh.. :(
Well if they were gonna hit Florida I'm sure they've done it by now. *sighh*
yeah, the tour only started last week. i've seen them 3 times in the past, and it was pretty much the same as before, but there were some new funny videos and a few songs from their new "covers" album.
Hey Michelle........Speaking of nostalgia/comeback tour kinda stuff. Have you and Jon ever made it up to the Antelope Valley for our big Alfalfa Festival? :lol: :lol:

It's your regular county fair atmosphere. Nothing special except they somehow manage to book some worthy talent. I saw Skynard and Styx together two years ago. Last year I was out of state visiting family so I'm not sure who I missed.

This year is: Friday, August 27-REO Speedwagon & Styx and Wednesday, September 1-Smashmouth & Maroon 5
can't say i've heard of that festival... :lol:

i saw skynard once before too... it's like required viewing if you're from alabama, i think. ;) they were performing next to the baseball stadium, so we drove up behind the stage (which was in the movie theater's parking lot) and listened for free. :p
Required viewing for Florida, too, though I'm behind in my prerequisites and haven't seen em yet. Just wouldn't be the same though, I don't think..