TruValue Bring Your Garden Back To Life Sale


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Woman in garden (starts in black & white), takes dirt up with shovel, the grass around the hole starts spreading color around it, then the flower she puts in it, the silk on her hat... the hat blows off and hits the ground spreading more color and as she looks around the rest of the scenery is engulfed in color.

Cool song, probably a seasonal commercial, so answer quick if you know before it goes away!
Oh my god... I don't know if I should visit this site anymore... :unsure:

I read this post to see if I knew anything about it... in the background I have conan obrian playing on my tv (ATI radeon all in wonder) because its on commercials...

I hear a cool song start playing and this is the commercial playing...

Doesn't that freak you out?!?!?!?! :blink: :blink: :blink:

It's two in the morning, so it's that much freakier :)

Anywho... this is a pretty neat song, I'd be interested in knowing what it is too.
eee gads! That is freaky, but sadder than freaky really. If you'd known the song, I'd say you were destined to answer the question for me, now I think somethin in out of sync and you saw someone elses commercial... they must have been watching the cartoon network at the time and missed it. Now, neither of us will ever know!

Besides this commercial, the other one driving me crazy is the airforce one. Every time I hear the tracks to either commercial I look up at the tv expecting to see something else for some reason... I guess I haven't heard either of them enough to be associating them with those commercials yet, I keep expecting to see something else, like hopefully the music video or something.

Keep wondering.