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Does anybody know the song that plays during the latest commercial for HBO's new vampire series "True Blood". It also played briefly during the movie Cable Guy, so it's been around awhile.
I too am looking for a song that plays in the True Blood trailers. I don't believe it is the Rob Zombie song, but I could be wrong. In the trailer I saw it starts playing right as Anna Paquin (waitress) sees the vampire guy enter the bar and sit at a table. Anyone know?
I really hate myself right now...

This music was used in a film trailer a couple of years ago and I had it on my hard drive. It's right on the top of my mind but I just can't recall the name.

For some reason I keep thinking "Matrix". Don't know why.

Also, NIN comes to mind.
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde (@ 1:15)
More Human Than Human - White Zombie (@ 1:45)

The White Zombie song was used in The Cable Guy movie.
HBO CANADA True Blood Season 2 Trailer

This song has only been playing on the HBO Canada trailers for True Blood season 2. HBO in the States has been using a Bob Dylan song.

"With the Scent of a Rose, ? by your side"
"Dreams of your clothes, your hand in mine"
"I lost control of all that I know"
"I can't let you go, whoa, whoa, whoa"

Very Bluesy and swampy sounding, Kinda sounds like Tom Waits but with only a two pack a day habit instead of 4.

This is driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
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Great "Tom Waits" description of this mystery song elbandito !!!

It's not the administrator's Bob Dylan suggestion (Beyond Here Lies Nothing) for the main 1st trailer that came out ( though, it does feel/sound like another Bob Dylan song ). It could be just airing on HBO CANADA?

I'm surprised I can't find anything on it right now. HELP!

thx, Greg
Re: True Blood Season 2

I've been looking for that song for over a week now, but still nothing.
It's not airing just in Canada, their using the same promo in Latin America.
Sigh, gonna keep looking.
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With the Scent of a Rose, Thorns by your side.
Dreams of your clothes, your hand in mine.
I lost control of all that
I know I can't let you go

Oh how these words torment me. Why is this impossible to find. I did however e-mail HBO so maybe they can fess up this mystery song. Also some people have said it might be dylan's son, Jacob, so you can look him up to see.
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Let's ask @TrueBloodHBO via twitter as many times as we can until they answer us, I've asked them like 4 times already with no answer, maybe if more people do it, they'll answer...
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If you've already contacted @TrueBloodHBO and they haven't responded then they likely do not know the answer. They may not have access to the information since this HBO promo you are referring to is outside the U.S.

The best bet is contacting HBO Canada, which I believe someone mentioned they had done.
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I did contact HBO Canada / TMN and this is the response I got:

I would like to thank you for your e-mail. Here at The Movie Network, it is always a pleasure to hear from our subscribers and to address any questions that you may have.

Over the years we've had many viewers inquire about the music we use for our film promos. Since we don't own the rights to the music we use, we can't sell or copy it for them. Some of the music are original compositions, some are "stock", while others are taken from a film or series' original soundtrack. The piece of music you're interested in is original stock music taken from HBO's music library and unfortunately, due to legal rights issues, it isn't available for purchase or download.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail us. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact us by e-mail or toll free at 1-800-565-MOVIES (6684). A Customer Care Representative is available to take your call Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm EST, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Maybe if there is enough interest in the song, they will release it?
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Well I finally got a response from HBO Canada after 22 days about this song and it looks like we are still in the same boat trying to find out who this song belongs to.

Thanks for writing to us at HBO Canada. We're always interested in hearing from our viewers and recognize the importance of all feedback.

Our On-Air Promotion Department has confirmed that the soundtrack for the True Blood – Season 2 On –Air Promotion currently airing in the U.S. features the Bob Dylan song, ‘Beyond Here Lies Nothin’. However, since HBO Canada doesn’t own the copyright to this song, the version of this On-Air Promotion currently airing in Canada contains a generic musical arrangement, and the source for this music did not provide us with a title or artist's name for this song. Therefore, although your interest is appreciated, we don't have access to the information you are looking for regarding the song used in our HBO Canada version of this On-Air Promotion.

I'll respond back to them to see if they can give me the source for this music and see if I can get further information that way.
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Well no luck from HBO Canada, seems like I've hit a dead end on this one.

Thanks for your recent email to HBO Canada. We always do our best to help wherever we can, however the True Blood On Air Promo soundtrack information you’re interested in simply isn’t available. The generic music used in the recent On Air Promotion for True Blood is part of the HBO library of stock soundtracks, and as such neither an artist’s name or title is attached to the music, only a library number for internal use only.

Maybe someone else will have better luck.
ahh! i love this beat!! does anyone know what it is called??

True Blood Season 3

I am looking from the exact song from this HBO Promo:

I know that this song is from RJD2 and is called Ghostwriter but I wonder what Remix it is. it certainly is not the Remix from "the Horror".
I hope anyone can help me? I am so in love with this Remix! :)
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It's by the artist RJD2, on their "The Horror: Deluxe" album, the song titled Ghostwriter Remix.

It was most likely edited for the commercial. I doubt that you can get the exact song...but this one is definetly where the tunes comes from.

You can find it on itunes.
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guys, the song u r looking for is "Telephone Call from Istanbul", by Tom Waits. The version in the promo though sounds a little bit different, but that's the only one i could find ;)
Searching For These Songs for Over a Year!

Can anyone help me? I've been searching for these songs for over a year.

The first one starts @ 1:15 about and the second starts @ 1:46.