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Hi I just wanted to ask what the song is on the Tru Calling episode 'Morning After' when Tru wakes up at the start of the show.
Please I really need to know.
Thanks ;)
Dude, that's tough. You describe what the song appeared in thoroughly, but you don't describe the song at all. That's what I would need to help you out. You can try looking for a show site that lists music used in the episodes.
Anyone know who sings the theme? Help anyone??? Thanks a bunch :unsure:
Try "Somebody Save Me" by Full Blown Roses. I couldn't find an Amazon clip though, sorry..
Actually, looks like lilroach already answered that one here, though I'm not sure which one of us is right on the song title.
Can you describe the music at all? Type of music? Vocals? Male? Female? etc.
Speaking of Tru Calling-does anyone know the name of the song featured in the previews? Some guy is singing.
I'm thinking you are probably referring to the Finnish goth band "The Rasmus", whose song, "In the Shadows" was featured in the "Tru Calling" previews a few weeks ago.

Now back to the original one has any idea what song Tru started the show with in "Morning After"? Female alternative genre. I picked up a few lyrics it went something like this:

...You made a mistake, I see
I'm a little too tired, baby
It's a little too late to bring it up
In the weary dark of night
Between black and white..."

Not too sure about that last line because there was conversation over it but something like that. Anyone? help?
Does anyone know what this song is?

It was used about halfway through the 2-hr. episode and it sounds like Aimee Allen-style funk/pop.

The lyrics they used/looped were "So much for my happy ending..."

Female vocal, kind'a angsty.

Originally posted by NeedsMusic@Mar 31 2005, 08:11 PM
The lyrics they used/looped were "So much for my happy ending..."

Female vocal, kind'a angsty.

I didn't see the show or hear the song, but I'm gonna guess it's "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne.
Anybody know the song at the very beginning that Tru wakes up to? (male vocals)