Trojan condoms

You might be talking about:

Marc E. Ribler - This Life

"This is our love
This is our life
It's the perfect chance to get it right

This is our love
This is our life

~ Mia ~
Thanks for inquiring about "this life" .I've been getting a great response for the song.
Yes I am the writer,singer and producer of the song in the Trojan Condoms Campaign..
It is not on my latest CD Marc Ribler "Life is but a dream".
But "this life"will be available on my next CD which will be coming out in 2006.
I am in the process of preproduction for this CD.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word about my current CD on any online forums you happen to log onto and by all means go to and send other folks to to purchase the CD
It is also available on most of the music download sites i.e.
Needless to say the music business is a tough nut to crack and anything you can do to help get my music out there would mean the world to me.
Thanks Again and please stay in touch
Marc Ribler
does anyone know who does this song . im really looking for it to download . please help. Thank you
What is the name of the song that's featured in the new Trojan Condoms commercial? It says the only way to protect yourself other than abstinence is to use condoms all the time.

The only lyrics mentioned in the commercial was:

"This is our love. This is our life. This is the perfect chance to get it right."

Any ideas? Thanks.