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Cool. Thanks for the site. I love the second tracks for Tekno and Suspense :D!!

Check out the following sites as well:

E.S. Posthumus
You might recognize his work from The Time Machine or Spiderman trailers.

Immediate Music
They have quite a few samples on their site, and it's really hard to tell where their work has been featured. The most notable, and my favourite track is here:
I'm sure you've heard this one before ;).
i can't for the life of me place that piece.

it's gotta be either a scifi piece or it was used in a trailer for some fast paced clips.

am i even close?
Okay, now we got a listing....

Shout out the best Trailer music Production companies out there today! Don't hold back!

Anything from classical & orchestral to hard rock & techno...bring it on!!! :D

:ph34r: Scheherez :ph34r:

is ANYONE out there willing to put up a list? Anyone? Gimme a Shot here please :)

:ph34r: Scheherez :ph34r:
The ones I'm most familiar with (and really enjoy their work):

Immediate Music
Future World Music
Pfeifer Broz.
X-Ray Dog
Audio Machine
Brand X Music
Groove Addicts
I find Two Steps from Hell to be the best, Dynasty has some great tracks on it.

Otherwise the same ones as Viator, plus a few others like:

Corner Stone Cues
615 Music
Music Junkies
Originally posted by sulTaN@Feb 12 2004, 06:07 PM
E.S. Posthumus
You might recognize his work from The Time Machine or Spiderman trailers.
as well as the theme song for Cold Case. a song called "Nara", also featured in the movie, Unfaithful.

Another vote for X-Ray Dog ()wiki / info :D

its that one from the Die Hard 4.0 (yes, they called it that is Asia, mayhaps Europe as well) trailer, that i can't seem to get a hold of! :(
This company rocks if you look at all the work they do. They are involved with so many different movies and trailers etc. that I can really say I am impressed.