Track from the "The Hole" not on the offical CD!!&#3

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People, you HAVE to help me! Do any of you remember that awful psycological horror film, "The Hole"? It had Thora Birch and Keira Knightley in?

The official soundtrack CD is wicked but it doesn't contain a score from the movie that I really adore! For those of you who are familiar with the movie, it starts when Martin Taylor is swapping names around on his computer and continues as you see the various cars arriving at the school in the rain to take all the students home for the Easter break!

The lyrics I can pick out, go a little like this:

"Hear me... feel me... come near!"

If anyone knows the name of this track please let me know! I would be mucho appreciated!!!

Cheers! :D
General Nu,

That part of the score has never been released, unfortunately, and there are no current plans to release it. It's too bad; it's a great song!

Well thanx for your efforts anyway djflowerz and lalaland! I appreciate your help all the same! I checked out that link but all it had were the names of the tracks on the offical soundtrack which are still quite cool! Check out the main theme and Jezabel, very dark and groovey!

I'm supprised the film wasn't realeased in the states! I'm from the UK where the film is set, I actually really liked it even though it was smashed by British critics!