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Not a lot of people know about this movie...

The US title is called Track Down, but in other countries it's called Takedown or Operation: Takedown i think. People often refer to it as Hackers 2..even though it's not. It's a movie about the famous hacker Kevin Mitnick and what he did and how he got caught. It's not really accurate, but it's a cool movie i think.

Anyway, my question is what is the song called at the end of the movie right before the credits when it is showing each character and what they are now doing and what happened to Kevin. It's after Tsutomu was at the ATM and it said Free Kevin. I'm just looking for the song name. I looked in the credits and you can't find a lot of the songs...I'm just seeing if anyone knows it or not.

Like i said..this is hard i think.
Yeah, I watched until after the credits for the track list. I didn't know imdb had soundtrack lists though...thanks.

I think it's (You Can Never Find A) Policeman In The Rain by FibreHevy Brain, but if you put FibreHevy Brain into google..nothing comes up. I'm not sure if this is the song title of this particular song, but I havent been able to find any CD's or anything.
Hello, I googled this forum topic. I am a big fan of the Takedown/Track Down movie and am currently trying to put together the soundtrack for this movie.

To the topic starter, that song you are looking for is probably one of the last two or three tracks listed in my full soundtrack list below:

The Silos & Richard S. Butler - There's A Shadow
James Kole - Drowning In Love
Red Star Belgrade - Writer, Poet, Slut
The Silos & Richard S. Butler - In The Crypt
Hate Machine - Hasben?
The Brother's Bounce - Low Life
Celldweller - Symboint
Grindverk - Neverone
Darwin Gross - Soul Speaks
FibreHevy Brain - (You Can Never Find A) Policeman In The Rain
Kathy Fisher - True North
Aryana - Lieing In Bed
The Silos - Away
Hadacol - Messed Up
Red Star Belgrade - Favorite Thing
Botanica - Malediction
Zu - Ode To Gandhi
Kill Hannah - All That He Wants
Red Star Belgrade - Hit 4 The Man
Daniel Thompson - Jazzophile
Jamie Hodge - Giraffe
Jamie Hodge - Stutter
Mark Verbos - Framework
hey can someone tell me which song is played after Kevin finished his meeting with that girl, you know just before he sees there is police is in front of building.