Does anyone know what the music is on the Toyota Sienna/Universal Theme Park is? It is an instrumental piece.

"If kids ruled the world..." says a girl hanging upside-down by her knees.
"I'd bring all my toys everywhere." says a girl relaxing while people load her toys into a van.

"I'd watch movies whenever I wanted." says a boy watching a screen suspend from the ceiling of the van he is in.

"If kids ruled the world..." says a kid running with a small elephant on a leash.

"I would bring the Four Hombres to Show-and-Tell." says a boy in the back of a van surrounded by four professional wrestling type hulks.

"If kids ruled the world, I would go to Universal Studios..." says a girl hanging by her hands, and the picture switches to amusement park clips as she continues "...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,...".

A narrator says "The Toyota Sienna has everything kids want and everything you need to make your drive to Universal Theme Parks comfortable, safe, and fun."