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toyota se commercial song -- Answer Here!

okay, does any body know which garage/punk-sounding song and group THAT'S featured in the newest Toyota Camry SE ??? Sounds like it could be the Hives--but probably something older...
Thanks alot
It's the Flaming Sideburns-"Street Survivor". I asked the same question and ended up answering myself.
there is a free mp3 at the bad afro web site. the flaming sideburns, street survivor.
I did a search, hoping it would have been covered....sigh. Well the commercial is for a Toyota Camry SE. The commercial is a tad old. I believe the Camry SE was available for sale in late spring somewhere in there.

A guy is driving in abandoned streets in the early morning it looks like, and driving the hell out the car I might add. (It's a Camry, go figure) The car is that cranberry red. I remember him doing a 180 in the car, and that's when the voice, in the song screams....WHAAAA!!!! The car is flying over a street. Oh it's great! The man looks like he was having fun in that car! Looked like he was getting ready to go to the office. It's a fun commercial.

It's the first Camry commercial that I've seen that spells out MY CAR at the end.

It's kind of a rockish song....sorry about EXTREME detail!


By any chance do you mean Flaming Sideburns "Street Survivor"? And don't apologize, the extreme detail is what gets your answers for ya. :)
I know this is probably a shot in the dark but about 2 years ago there was a car commercial (I forget the make and model) that featured the car speeding thru the streets and spinning out and so forth. All the while you hear an upbeat song with NO lyrics other than a man shouting - "Waaaaaaooow!!!!...Yeah!!" There were only three chords played in between the "Waaaaaooow!!!" and the "Yeah!!"
I know that may be a bit vague but it's the only way I know how to describe it.

I've also heard this song as backing music to specials on VH1 and the E! Channel. Anyone know what song I'm talking about? Anyone??

Originally posted by bbrocks@Sep 20 2004, 12:08 PM
or "Street Survivor" by The Flaming Sideburns
It's that was for the Toyota Camry SE. Was the car red and the guy did a 360 and that's when the singer goes...WHAA!!!!!!!! Oh that commercial is fun! I searched for that one awhile back. ;) Good song for those kind of drives! :D
Bbrocks and sureshot are right on the money. It is Street Survivor by the Flaming Sideburns. I just checked it out on CD Universe and Save Rock N' Roll is now on my list of cds to buy.