Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2


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What's the song in the background of the Ghost recon 2 trailer(also theme song for Rockzilla on Fuse)?? It starts with the lyrics "here we go".....
umm i don't think thats the right song the one in the trailer had a heavier guitar in it and different lyrics and voices...
The commercial with the enemies talking about the "Ghosts"
cause if it is thats the right song
It's def. not dude the song from the gr2 traileris a heavy metal song with a lot of guitar playin and the only words you hear in it is "here we go". That Here& Now song doesn't have the lyrics "here we go" or the same beat or vocals, and they're a ska-rock band..........the trailer I'm talking bout is here:
Actually, it is "Here and Now" by The Ernies. If you listen to the beginning of the song right before the DJ scratches up the track you can clearly hear a man in the backround say "Here we go, ugh!" and then the hard guitar comes in. The song is also from the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. It is from their album entitled Meson Ray which you can have a listen to at
ok then, only wish the rest of the song sounded as good as the beginning...
That's true dude, when I first heard the song I said to myself that the beginning lead me to believe it was gonna be a great song, then it turned into something completely different and yeah, I thought it sucked. But then it just grew on me the more I played the game and I guess I either got used to it or liked it. Since I heard it in the trailer I downloaded it and listened to it again and I thought it was better than the last time I heard it. I guess with all the pathetic commercial music thats played all over TV and the radio anything sounds good these days.