Time Warner Road Runner classroom diorama


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In the Road Runner High Speed Internet ad featuring a young girl in a classroom setting whose diorama featuring a lizard eating a bug (with the teacher clapping and her fat rolling around- its gross), theres some classical song in the background. My friends think its 'O Forunta' from Carmina Burana (a common song to use in an ad). I, however, think otherwise. I emailed Road Runner- but no responce. Anyone recognize it?
I'm not sure, but you can listen to a sample of "O' Fortuna" to help figure it out. The link goes to available audio sample at Amazon, it's track 1.
Originally posted by Jericho@Jun 12 2004, 01:04 AM
It is NOT O Fortuna. But it sounds similar.
It is IN FACT taken from the end of O Fortuna, listen to them side by side.
I have. I listened to the entire Carmina Burana and the music in the link you posted and while the song in the road runner commercial sounds similar to O Fortuna, it is not the same. Look at the commercial again. pdish543 is right.
Its definetly not O Fortuna. Ive been going nuts trying to figre out what it is.
Who provides Roadrunner in your area?Is it Time Warner?I found Time-Warner of NYC very helpful when I asked them about the music in their DVR ads.