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Uuuughhhhhh! It's driving me crazy (and I've Googled my little heart out)! Whose song is used in this commercial? It's the one with the father and son lying in bed and the lyric goes something like:

Take me home/take me home
To my family
Surrounded by
The people close to me....

It's always in my head lately...

Any leads? Anyone know offhand?
Could someone please tell me the song and artist for this Tide with Downey commercial?

Ad has a man and a baby dressed in all white asleep on a sofa.

Song is mellow and sort of r&b-ish. Lyrics are "take me home to my family, I need to be surrounded by the ones who love me"

Thank you!
I asked the same question this last week... nobody seems to know! :( It's a little Lauryn Hill-ish, a little Angie Stone-ish, a little Jill Scott-ish, a Little Amel Larrieux-ish, but no leads! I've checked out people's music who I didn't know well and couldn't find any matches.

It's driving me nuts 'cause I can't get this woman's voice out of my head!!!

And Tide doesn't have any info on their site.....

Boo-hoooooo.... can't anybody help a desperate girl????

:D Amy
merged. Have either of you tried contacting Tide directly and asking for info on the music or the ad agency that produced it?
Anyone know where to find that song/album it's off of? I've Yahoo'd my ass off...can't find any leads what so ever..

Little help?
Apparently, this is a response straight from the artist on the Tide message board:

caitladee wrote:
11/24 at 01:32 am
WOW you guys! I am blown away by your reaction to my song "Family". Thank you thank you thank you! I wrote this song for my kids and am so touched that you all love it. www.caitladee.net is under construction and my debut solo album "The Beauty School Dropout" is on its way. We have been working very hard on it and from your response to "Family" I think you will love the rest! Keep your eyes out for the whole Noble House Crew, a great gem in the Hip Hop World soon to be uncovered by the Whole World. Keep supporting and blessings to you all. Thanks again, Cait La Dee

She doesn't mention the "Take Me Home" song (I guess she's saying it's actually named "Family") or when her album is due, and the website doesn't exist... So, doesn't look like there is much to find on her or the song right now.
Thanks so much! I love that song too, and it was really driving me nuts, trying to figure out who it is. I have a feeling I'm going to be using this site quite a bit:)
I've seen this commercial several times, and even though I don't know what product it is, I can describe the commercial fairly well. The commercial starts as the camera is zoomed in close on an African American boy asleep on top of his father, with a song playing that basically just consists of the lyrics "Take me home, take me home.... to my family....". It's sort of a hip hop song, I suppose, and I seem to remember it taking place in a city apartment. I think the product was a fabric softner, like bounce or downy, but it also could have been a detergent. I know it's one or the other. The focus was definitely on their white shirts. I apologize for the bizarre post.
I'm looking for the name of the song in the Tide with Downey commercial with the father lying on the bed with his son. All I could get from the vocals was "take me home", sung by a female singer.