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Girl is tossing a tic tac back and fourth in her mouth in an elevator. Playful instrumental music in the background.
yes i love the music, the commercial is a bit odd...is there a way to find out what the music is? i want it as my ring tone :D
Sounds a lot like a "Super Mario" thing, doesn't it? :lol:

Although I suspect it's probably not that...
I was reminded more of that Bubble video game...I stayed up with my brother and cousin till like 3 in the morning when we were in middle school (high school maybe) to finish it...had like 100 boards where you pop bubbles and the same type of music...uh oh now Im having a negative connotation with the song, maybe having it as ring tone isnt so smart ;)
Oh, goodie! I get to answer one in my first post! Kinda pays to be into early electronic music, so....

It's "In the Hall of the Mountain Queen" by Raymond Scott, circa 1960, from the 2-CD/book set, "Manhattan Research, Inc.", which showcases this legendary bandleader's experimental and commissioned electronic music from the '50s through the '60s.

Oh wow, very cool! It's so amazing how people are able to find out about these little things, even with the small piece of music from a Tic Tac commercial!

Thanks so much! It's such a cute song! :lol:
Oh cool! My birdie goes crazy singing along with commercial everytime it's on--it'd be great to play it for him on the 'puter! LOL :p
thats really creapy... i thought it was grieg.... and it is!! woah... it sounds like anitra's dance

edit... i lied.... its not grieg
The new Tic Tac commercial where the girl juggles them on her tounge. There is a quirkly synth tune playing in the background. Is this a real song or something made for the commercial?

Believe it or not, there is now a second one! This quirky "sped-up" sounding one is ALSO a Raymond Scott piece, from the same album ("Manhattan Research, Inc."), titled "Sprite `Melonball Bounce'"...and it is NOT sped up! The piece is cut off right before the first "bounce" in the entire one-minute piece, which dates from early-mid '60s. (Commissioned for Sprite soda, BTW.)

So... Tic Tac is using old Raymond Scott pieces for its curfrent campaign- Wonder how many ads this campaign will have, now that there are two.

(And yes, the link above points back to my other post, which is about the Raymond Scott piece titled "In the Hall of the Mountain Queen", same album.)

Not Grieg, but inspired by Grieg.

(Grieg composed "In The Hall of the Mountain King")

I love that commercial with the girl juggling tic tacs on her tongue whilst waiting for an elevator. I love it mostly, if not strictly, for the music. It makes me happy. However, I don't know if it is original or if it is licensed or what? Does anyone know the name of this song?
Sorry, I don't know the answer....but that commercial makes me happy too!! :D
does anyone know the name of the catchy tune on a sort of old tic tac commercial with a girl juggling tic tacs on her tongue and then a guy in an elevator staring at her with a weird look?? It sounds like something you would hear it on a tetris game or something.