This will be as I call it a "tank"


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"Who I am... You're sure you wanna know?"


Pseudo : Gaia
Birth: July 20th 1984
Country : France
Height : 160cm
Weight : Gosh, I took some weight lately! Finaly !
Hair: Brown-red-blond
Particularity: Tattoo on the back and one future in the arm "Hippolyte" in greek

Music: OST (Narnia, Kingdom of Heaven, Spy Game, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Pride & Prejudice & Ned Kelly), OSS (Immediate Music, X-Ray Dog, Harry Gregson-Williams, Klaus Badelt), Symphonics (The Gathering), acoustics, Celtics...
Films: Neverending Story, Ned Kelly, Harry Potter, Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabethtown, Romeo + Juliet, Virgin Suicides, American Beauty, The Sweetest Thing, Superman, Spiderman, The Lord of the Rings, The Butterfly Effect, Crazy/Beautiful...
Books: John Marsden, Francine Pascal, all "young adult" things and lately : Patrick Süsking - The Perfume.
Food: Chinese, fruits and all...
Drinkings: Enjoyyyyyyy COCA-COLAAAAAA !!

Music: Young's Music! (Rap, Techno, RnB, Star academy and all the nightmares on TV)
Films : Horror and bloody free films
Books: Emile Zola and ALL other French classics.
Food: I don't like green legumes... But I like pretty much everything.
Drink: Alcohols... I don't drink.

Cigarettes : Royales Menthols
Mobile phone: Samsung hum... Where did I put it ? Maybe with my dirty jeans: away... Yeah, I got it !!! So... Samsung Z140V (a 3rd Generation) Vodafone Live from SFR (French telecom)
Favorite brand: hum... Coca-Cola ?
Perfume: Don't wear any... Obao deo ?
Hobbies: Internet, Design, cinema, Image seeker, online RPG. Go out with some friends and other film evening with warm coat.
Animals: Three rats : Moy, Callan & Mulvey and two cats: Artax & Oz.

Favorite directors: Peter Jackson and Ridley Scott
Favorite actors: Orlando Bloom... Johnny Depp hum... Heath Ledger I LOVE. Dean Cain. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt... Alan Rickman, Geoffrey Rush, Liam Neeson... Robert Pattinson (personnal reasons) PETER FACINELLI !
Favorites actresses : Mena Suvari, Keira Knightley, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Holly Marie Combs. Rachel Hurd-Wood, Angelina Jolie...
Composers : Harry Gregson-Williams, Klaus Badelt, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore...

A little more 'bout me: As you could understand before, I'm not English, Austrie, American, Canadian or anything "Saxon". But I'm almost bilingual and I love English. I watch all my films in VO, never mind if I don't have the subtitles, I don't care.

How did I come here ? Well, I was searching for informations about a music and felt here. I already knew this forum but never looked at it. Then, I liked what I saw, so I decided to stay ! I'll do my best to help people who are in search in things I can answer ! I felt in love with trailer music when I knew "Here Comes the King" by X-Ray Dog. That was a long time ago and then, I knew Immediate Music and they became for me a sort of reference. But I felt in love with musics of films a very long time ago. People keep asking me how I can listen only to soundtracks ! By loving them, mate !

I'm also a designer in my free time, I make websites, avatars, wallpapers... I'm a master of several RPG forum and I love making the artworks of my main forum : Wicked Sisters. Don't know what to say more !

22 years old, French girl, future Disney employed. Began some Art History studies but let them fall 'cause I'm too in need of money. I live with my mother and soon I'll live with a friend in Paris ! What could I say more? Let's do a thing: ask me!

That's who I am. (did I already tell you that I was TOTALLY crazy ?!)
Ohh a Frenchy!

Well we're all a little crazy here, especially anyone who read all of that.

Just playin. :) Hello and welcome, crazies are always embraced here.
Hello! Welcome!! :)

Thanks for the informative intro! :eek:k:
A<span style='color:green'>L<span style='color:red'>O<span style='color:purple'>H<span style='color:blue'>A<span style='color:yellow'>!</span></span></span></span></span> :woo: