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:blink: :blink: Well i wasnt sure where to go to have help on finding this song but now i know. Hopefully there are some people out there that know there techno. This past saturday MAY 15, 2004. I was in a car and listening to kiss 95.7 This thread prolly would go to any of the local people located in CT or know of the song im about to describe. It was very late at night it was after a prom so technically it was the 16th and in the morning. But anyway at this time kiss 95.7 doesnt play the hottest tracks of the day they play techno trance bunch of different types of techno beats at this time. I heard the man/dj name the artist as ARMIN VAN Buuren while the song was playing but not the name of it. IT had a very steady beat that wasnt heavy at all, that seemed laid back not an annoying techno song is what i meen. It had a voice of a women repeating "TAke", "take me down" i believe. The "TAKE" part is what i remember most. So if you have heard this song im sure you will recognize it. I hope somone can help me or has an idea on getting the answer to what this song is called. I will post up any more information that i get. I have emailed every person possible at kiss 95.7 and still havent got any emails back from them, apparently there not totally down at clearchannel. Thanx

ephen out.
does it go:

take, take me down to the river
id like to swim in the river
cause its fun grab my buns
and take me down...


if so, it's Armin Van - "Low Down River Man"
Unfortunately I don't know the answer to this but in the future, if you want a song from the radio, go to and click each thing shown there, to the station you are looking for and the time and it will tell you the song name. I don't know how far they go back, but maybe if you scroll back, you can find stuff from Saturday/Sunday?
Hey i know its been long time but i finally found the song. The dj that played this just so happend to still have what tracks he has played in the past and he knew exactly what song i was thinkin of when i wrote it out to him. The song is called
Above and Byond - No one on earth (gabriel & dresden mix). Its and awesome song.
That is so cool that you came back after all this time to give an update. I'm gonna have to check out the song!
I still cant believe i was able to find it. The dj that is on that is so cool. He reaches out to all his fans.