They're making Factotum into a movie!


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Anyhow, does anyone know what the music is that's playing in the beginning of this preview just before the one guy says, "You still think you're a writer?"
I registered so I could give you this link; I'd hate to deprive you of some good music, since both of the themes used in this trailer are pretty obscure at best. Fortunately, obscure happens to be my music. Pinback!.. no wait, here you are: Dadafon mp3 page. I actually came upon your forum because I've been looking for this theme as well.. the full version anyway.

The theme you are interested in is 'I wish to Weep'.. although the sample version they host has vocals. Dunno where to locate a full version, or for your pleasure, one without vocals. The second theme used in the trailer is also on that page, same album listing, song entitled 'Slow Day'.

These are both tracks off of their newest album, which might have been released just this week, so good luck. Since Dadafon is a Norwegian group (I think..), I haven't had any luck with finding any full mp3s off their newest album, or a theme from this movie (Looks interesting, reminded me of Primer, which happens to be an independant film about time travel. No relation, just enjoy indy flicks). I'm currently reading Crime and Punishment, so I might try reading one of Bukowski's novels after I'm done.. not much else to do in class.

If you find a good version, AIM me on agentndo. If I find anything better than those samples (meh), I'll reply. This would probably be easier if I happened to be norwegian. :D