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ok, the music is in the final season (9th) of x-files, the episode before the brady bunch one. i think it is called "release." it is about a former student of scully's named hayes who has a talent for profiling. this turns out to be because he posts pictures of the crime scene in his bedroom and when he falls asleep he dreams of the murderer and how it was done.

throughout this episode there is incredible piano music. i'm not sure if it is a single song played over and over or multiple songs, or even whether or not this is original music composed for the show or a classical piece.

if anyone had any idea of what this music is and where it could be found, i'd appreciate it. thanks!
Mark Snow - the tip
" " - Hayes
" " - Release
" " - Message

all three of these tracks are from the same episode but all 3 have a piano part to them
thanks, pal! it was probably a combination of 'the tip' and 'hayes' that i was thinking of (i believe the same theme may be repeated through both). you must have done some detective work to find this, i can't believe you did! gotta love those minimalists!

would you happen to know if the music is available without the sound effects from the show?
proberbly not as most of the music from the show was never released.
Hello everyone.

I know that The X-Files has been off the air for several years now but TNT currently airs the series in syndication. Last night, they aired the episode entitled "Improbable". The episode--which featured Burt Reynolds as a quirky, all-knowing checkers player--was about the hunt for a serial killer who murders his victims in 3's. It was certainly one of the most off-beat episodes of the entire series. Nonetheless, there was some killer latin music played in that episode. One scene featured a song which Burt Reynolds's character was cha-cha-cha-ing to in the background as Scully and Reyes were playing checkers. But that wasn't the only great Latin song. There must have been five or six Latin songs throughout the episode.

If there are any X-philes on here in the know or if you just saw the episode and know your Latin tunes, then please PLEASE tell me the names of those great Latin songs and who sings them.

Thanks in advance.
I believe it's in season 4 of the x-files that has the episode entitled Home about the creepy incestuous family in rural pensylvannia. There are a few scenes during which an old song is playing and the only part that sticks out in my head is "Wonderful, Wonderful". Does anyone know what song that is? It comes on when the three brothers start-up the old cadillac on their way the sheriffs house.
actually the song is sung by a Johnny Mathis sound alike. the person who sang the song was an "X-Files" production member. as you can imagine, the "Home" episode was probably not something Mr. Mathis would be thrilled with being associated with, so rights were problematic.