The Wonder Years


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Ok I think I can hear the lyrics pretty good. I tried real hard with no success to find this song. So I hope someone reads this and knows the song. Well the lyrics go something like ahem...(clearing my troat to make a female voice) " If I thought about all the loves that I knew" and then something else I can't understand cause the characters in the show are blabing and then "I loved you like I'll never love another, with the wild heart of the young.It took me til now to uncover.Oh if I'd only known it then." sometthing like that. Its a slow melody(in case it helps) Thanks If anyone can help that would be FRICK'N AWESOME. THAT WOULD SO ROCK! Thanks!
For episode 93 they have a song listed called Wild Heart of the Young - Karla Bonoff or Joni Mitchell (other version). With the lyrics you remembered it sounds like it could be the song you're looking for.
Awesome that was the one. Wild Heart of the young- Karla Bonoff. Thanks a bunch! :eek:k: