The Wolverine

For the international trailer:

@0:05 - "Destroyer of Worlds" - Ninja Tracks

@1:34 - "Vindicator" - Immediate Music
Do you know if the album is released yet.If so what website can i download/buy.If not released,do you know when?
The Wolverine - 2013

I'm looking for this particular soundtrack starts at 1:03

Any ideas? Thank you
I've contacted Wild Whirled Music at their website. They say that despite the overwhelming similarities the music featured in the trailer below is not "Secrets Of The Sands" or anything of their production.

Does anyone have any other leads on this?
According to Pusher Music, it's "It Rains Black" by Blazer (not sure if it's the opening piece, the backend or both though).

As for the Internation trailer, it's "Battalion" by Felix Erksine:
The Wolverine trailer music

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the first minute of the trailer?