The United States of Leland

Check out this site. If that doesn't give you what you need try doing a google search for "The United States of Leland soundtrack." That's how I found that site.
alrighty.. its the guitar piece palying when becky's dad is putting his gun under his passenger seat and leland is heading into the court house.... thats the best i can do.. hope i can get some help.. thanks
i haven't been able to find a soundtrack yet, but if you go to the official website for this movie the music plays and there's all kinds of great clips and bios. here's the link: music is by Jeremy Enigk and Imperial Teen. i'll keep looking though.
There is also a listing of songs here..

Was it just guitar with no vocals? I can't tell you off the bat which one it was from that list, but if you had a few extra clues we could probably find it through process of elimination.

AS an aside, there was a big influence of The Pixies as well. (I LOVE 'Gigantic' in that opening few scenes...
I don't know about guitar with no vocals, but the songs by Jeremy Enigk are just subliminal. I like the whole soundtrack, but I'm beginning to think the soundtrack is never going to be released.