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Re-elected in a new territory as Sr. Manager for a new shoe horn enterprise, my first assignment given, naturally, was to uncover the music found in the very first part of the "The Terminal" trailer (as linked below).

Find it now, and help me futher my quest for domination in this ever-shifting business.


William Golschmythan,

Sr. Manager to Puffy Wuffy's Magical Shoe Horn Emporium for Kidz
I have no clue on the first or second songs.

But I can tell you that the last song is "Leaving on a Jet Plane" covered by Chantal Kreviazuk. Her version of the song is found on the Soundtrack to "Armageddon."
That's a good version of that song, by the way. Hard to believe it came from the movie Armageddon. :blink:
What is the name of the beginning tune of the trailer? The stuttering vocals thing...
Speaking of Chantal Kreviazuk, her cover of The Beatles "In My Life" is one of my all time favorites.
Anyone know the song for "The Terminal" that begins the trailer? I am not asking for Kreviazuk's "Leaving"...or am I? The song that begins the trailer with almost a banjo-like beginning and the words "Dream, Dream" as the Arrivals/Departures Board is displayed? ty
I'm not sure that the song is "Dreamtime." I heard this CD and song many times before and there is no banjo in it, much less anything that even remotely sounds like the song played at the start of this trailer.

I'm still searching for the actual song, but it appears that most forums out there are under the impression it is "Dreamtime" by Uberzone. I still have yet to find anything official from Dreamworks or any other site that backs this up. In fact, I just went and downloaded "Dreamworks" to make sure I wasn't spazzing out or anything and it's not the song in this trailer.
The opening track is "Dreamtime" by Uberzone. I have this CD.

Correct, there is no banjo in the song. Im not sure where or why people are coming up with a banjo. The song was seriously edited for use in the trailer. 13 seconds into the trailer, the song has already reached its 23 second mark.

Regards. E
The song in the trailer by Chantal Kreviazuk is not the cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane, although it was in Armageddon.

The title is Feels Like Home. It was an older song she recorded but she put it on her latest album, What If It All Means Something. It was first on the Dawson's Creek soundtrack and later on her own.
I believe that is the song they used, from the soundtrack of Armageddon. I'm listening to the song right now, and the ending repetition of the chorus is a perfect match to the trailer.
It might be in another trailer for it but I remember one trailer it played it at the first and prob all throughout it. It was Feels Like Home. But maybe Leaving is on one too. Haven't seen that one.
You can see this trailer at the link at the top of this topic. You'll hear it starts with Uberzone's Dreamtime, then goes to some intrumental piece, and then Chantal's Leaving on a Jetplane.
I know what it is...

Joni Mitchell leaving on a Jet plane.

She did the original...and it is the original that is used on the terminal preview.

It is an awesome song!