The Stepford Wives

It is techno, dance, rock, classical, etc. etc.???

The only stuff I have found is "Men In Black" by Danny Elfman. (Not sure which song you want though...) Also there is original music made just for the trailer that is used.
o yeah its probably to custom made one, is there any way to find that
Where can i find the mouse hunt theme/ stepford wives trailer theme song i have searched everywhere with very little luck . I know the artist who composed it his name is Alan Silvestri ( Van Helsing , Forst Gump , )
Well, I found the soundtrack for Mouse Hunt here, they have some 2nd hand available.
Yeah, it's on the Mousehunt soundtrack, I own it. Unfortunately, that main theme is pretty much the only reason to own the soundtrack. :(
Arkinia, can you up load the Mouse Hunt Soundtrack onto you're computer? If you can, (Admin Edit: Do not post your email address within your replies. It makes you vulnerable to SPAM.) thanks :D
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That's stupid! :angry: I know how to upload songs and share them leagually. Can anyone find a site that has the full version of the Mouse Hunt Theme?
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Have you tried searching our Forums? There have been several other topics on Stepford Wives trailers... Your question may have been answered. Be sure to change the search date to "any date" to get more results.
sorry...anyway, I did search the forums and I didn't find any results, well, I did, but they were all for the regular trailer, rather than the teaser.