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I always wondered if the brief snippet of music they use in the opening credits of The Shield was just a small sample of a longer song, but could never find the answer. Does anyone here know if it is a real song, and if so who does it?

Thanks in advance! B)
What was the name of the song at the end during Shane's engagement scene? The lyrics went something like:"You're so sweet, sweet, sweet, so sweet to me...."?
I know what song you had in mine but I don't know the name of it.

So I realy hope someone that know what song it is in Season 3 Episode 8 last scens will speak up :)

At the end of the show there was a punk version of "Amazing Grace",I heard it years ago but I cant remember who it is.
Anybody know?
Cool! Thanks,Any Idea on where to get the live version that was on the show?
Anybody know the song title and artist to the last song on last night's episode?
Took me sooo long to find last night, but I finally was able too. Song is called "Will you smile again?" By Trail Of Dead.
I just finished watching "Dog House" in season 4 of The Shield and I am trying to find out what song was being played in the background as Sarah (The hooker) lays out the ground rules for Aceveda (slapping is allowed but no bruises, no scratches and absolutely no blood.) in her house.

Any help would be fantastic!
Does anyone know what song is being played during the recent commercials for "The Shield"? Some of the words I was able to hear ...."I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man... drop the mic in my hands, I'm a bad man..." Thanks in advance for any help I can get.
The Shield Season Premiere

Hello everyone.

In tonight's season premiere episode of The Shield entitled "Extraction" there is a great Coldplay song that plays in the background of the scene where Lemansky is confronted by Forrest Whitaker's IAD character at Lemansky's apartment.

I know it's Coldplay but I don't know the title. The lyrics go something like this:

I wouldn't change a single thing...I need someone who understands/
For you I waited all these years/
Till kingdom come until my day is done/

I've never felt this way before/
I don't know which way I'm going/
I feel my time has come/
Let me in/
Unlock the door

I would appreciate it if anyone can recognize these lyrics and tell me the name of that song.

Thanks in advance.
The Shield Made Broadway Dancer

There is this kinda slow song..(I think piano in it..) but I dont have much to go the Shield they played it at the ending of a show..where they get all the money from a sting. And on Made there =\ where I think she may be in New York? Anything will help!
^_^;; Sorry for so many re-posts but those lyrics are from the chorus..its a guys voice too..
In the last episode of the shield, when IAD busts Vic. When the team is sitting in a club house and they are throwing out the trophy which is bugged there is 2 rock song playing I was wondering if any body knew the names?