The Rundown


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0 when the Rock is sitting there behind the wall and Sean William Scott is getting shot at in some bus and the Rock decides to start shootin people.....what is the music that plays when he hops up and starts shooting people?
I can't remember what song it was, but remember that in some places (such as down here in Australia) the Rundown had a different hame...
Here it was called "Welcome to the Jungle" so if you're going to ask around, or if you're using a p2p program or something similar, you might want to expand your search to include searches for "Welcome to the Jungle" as well...

sorry i can't help you much and good luck!
The Credit Music in the end of The Rundown.
I think it goes something like...

I remember seeing a post on that a long while ago. And I think someone posted a link. But I can't find that thread anymore. And my attempt to install a dualbooting linux failed, leading to a corrupted harddrive. So any idea where I can get it?
Does anyone know were I can find the Missy Elliot remix of "get ur freak on" that was playing during the club scene of THE RUNDOWN? Any help would be great.
Is that the remix featuring Nelly Furtado? The only place I'm aware of it being available is on the "Tomb Raider" movie soundtrack (Track 4).
Can anyone figure this out? It plays during that whole final fight, starting when he stands up with the two shotguns...
"Guns" by Harry Gregson-Williams from The Rundown Score
I'm trying to find the name of a song in The Rundown. The song is at the very, very beginning of the movie. They made it sound like it was playing on a radio, right before they start talking bout Porchini Mushrooms. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Can anyone tell me the killer rap hip hop song that was at the end of the movie The Rundown??? I have looked and looked....thanks in advance, its driving me NUTS
I tHINK thats it, yes ending credits KILLer tune, am tryingot find it now, I searched,but i misspelled when I looked first, sorry!! and thanks!
naw, it's nothing like that. It sounds like something you would hear on the bayou (don't know if that really helps :unsure: ) The voice kinda sounds like Bill Withers. I hope someone can help me with this.
"...In the bright lights of Memphis, I met a southern belle. Ah, she took me to the river...." that's all I can hear before the song gets cut off and they start talking bout the mushrooms
Lyrics match a song called "Dixie Chicken." Although I don't know who's singing it in the movie.
The song is by Little Feat (at least the one in the movie is anyways).

Thanks for the help guys!
Can anyone tell me if the song in the beginning of the RUNDOWN movie where beck has to collect on a debt that is owed in a club is something I can get? The song is Missy Elliot's "Get your freak on", and it's remixed, sounds freaking cool, and I want it, but not sure if it's available anywhere. Can someone help?
Download Limewire, if you do not already have it and then just do a search for Missy Elliot. That is where i find a lot of my songs to download.