The Rundown


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You know that new movie coming out this weekend with The Rock and Seann William Scott called "The Rundown"... what is the name of the song in the tv commercial??? It sounds like classic rock-ish. It doesn't have too many words, just a lot of "ha ha ha"'s, if that makes any sense. :unsure:

I'm hoping someone can help me out.
*beats head* I *KNOW* I should know this song, but I don't. :(
there are several versions of this song....from what i can tell in the commercial it counds like a "la grange" instrumental. try searching for that song. Alot of people have covered it so i wouldnt know who made the original. good luck
ZZ TOP!??! Duh, Erika *says my name* I should've known that. I live in Houston, where they are from.

Thank you so kindly!!! I knew it sounded familiar.
Hello. This song has been driving me bonkers for a long time. It was in The Rundown trailer back in 2003. It's not the ZZ Top song. It was kinda techno/dance beat, with a man singing something along the lines of "take it to the hole" dah dah dah dah "take it to the hole". It's also been played in some sports arenas. This is pretty vague i know, but any help would be awesome. Thanks
It also has a voice going "freeeeeeeeeeeee....freeeeeeeee" over and over again. Maybe this helps a bit more. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks