The Return of Swamp Thing


Reaction score
this is old, but i was wondering if anyone that intrumental song thats playing while the ending credits are rolling. its when it shows there actors faces, pauses, then shows their names. sounds funny but it kind of goes like this...

"doon-doon-doon-doon-wierd horn noise-doon-doon-doon-doon

and it ends when it shows the silouette of swamp thing and heather locklear.

hope i can get some help from this song. thanks in advance.
With so little to go on I'm guessing the theme to "2001 A Space Odyssey."

Got Link? :p
dang, you have to see the movie. its the sequel. been wanting it for the longest time, but "the return of swamp thing" never released a score or a soundtrack. doesn't have a soundtrack listsing for the movie... But, have you checked the credits of the movie?
dont have the time or the money to rent the movie. is there a website that has them typed out?...thanks. usually has soundtrack listings, when available. So, that's a dead end and it's the only one I know of... :(
well i appreciate the help. i guess I'm going to have to rent it. The song's amazing.