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Does anyone know the theme song for The Office or the song that was played at the end of the first episode?
Hey i was just wondering if anyone knew the theme song for the tv show The Office (the US version that is) the show is just 2 episodes old and I really like the theme song (and the whole show)... tv tome lists a theme song for the i guess British version of the show that was cancelled and I downloaded that and I don't think they're using the same theme... any help would be appreciated !
thanks for the link... ive got the whole episode and i keep just replaying the beginning... im hoping someone will know the name!

Jay Ferguson (I) did it.

He won't be listed on the credits until after the fourth episode because they had already edited them before they chose him as the composer. I have told the IMDB, but they haven't posted it on his resume' yet.

Yes, the music was only written for this show, and no, it isn't available anywhere else - yet. If enough people like it, though, hopefully it may be some day.

Hope this answers your question.

I really like the music, too!

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damn i was hoping it was a song that was already made that i could get the cd with it on it or get it on itunes
I am looking for the theme song to the US version of The Office. I know the BBC version uses a song called "Handbags and Gladrags" which has been done by many different people. I've heard that the american version uses a different version of the same song, but I'm not sure... possibly by Stereophonic or Rod Stewart... does anyone know?
It might be the Stereophonics version; I remmber it being fairly rockin'. I'm talking about the U.S. version.
thats definitely not it.... a little while back this topic was brought up multiple times without anyone having an answer...

i hope someone knows
I've tried downloading and listening to various versions of Handbags and Gladrags, and I really don't think it sounds like it. None of those songs have the piano that the theme has.
whoever told you the US version was the same song just different artist was wrong... im honestly starting to think the theme song was done in house...

cause no one can seem to come up with a song title
Yeah, that's what I'm beginning to think as well. Most stuff that is this hard to find is usually in-house.
There was a song played during the premiere tonight, but I don't remember what part it was - possibly during the awards part . It sounded like a familiar song, possibly an older song. I know, this is very vague, but hopefully someone remembers.
i was just wondering what the theme song of NBC's The Office was. If you could help that would be great.
The song is called "Handbags and Gladrags" by the Stereophonics (among others)
Does anyone know what The Office's theme song is called and who sings it i really like the theme i want to know the official name of the song and who's it by so i can listen to a longer version of the song!
It's "The Office" Theme by The Scrantones. Nobody "sings" it because there are no lyrics. There is no longer version of the song. The whole song is 33 seconds long and his heard during the opening credits of "The Office."