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Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song Allie plays on the piano. I'm guessing it's some classical piece of some sort, but does anyone know the name? Thanks.
The song Allie plays is Chopin's Prelude No.4 in E minor. You can find it online for free. I can't remember where I got it, but if you do an internet search for it, it should come up.
Good luck!
What is that one song that Ally keeps playing on the piano, but never finishes? The one she started playing right before they "almost" had sex.
wats the song the girl plays on the piano before her and the guy have sex?its not chopsticks,lol...i tried that.
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I'm pretty sure it's this one that's listed on the imdb soundtrack page:

Prelude for Piano, Op. 28, No. 4
Written by Frédéric Chopin
Performed by Robert Thies

If that's not it, I know that's it's by Chopin for sure though. My friend used to played it for me and he used to call it "The Raindrop Drop Song" because of that constant note that gets played throughout the piece.

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In the notebook during the second half of the movie Allie sits down and plays a piano song.

Does anyone know the name of the piano song? It is a famous classical piece.