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I was watching "Law and Order" tonight and saw a commercial preview for NBC's new reality show, "The Law Firm." I was just wondering what the music was in the background. I know I've heard it before. It sounded kind of like Snow Patrol or Death Cab for Cutie. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's annoying me, because I know that I know the song.

Click on video on the right,then click on the theleft clip picture"The Law Firm",not the "Behind the scenes "one.
Do you mean the choral music?Sounds like a generic one to me,or possibly one written for the clip,along the lines of others on which we've had exhausting discussions...
hey, Michelle. I posted the first one. Sorry I can't think of any lyrics. It's strange. They're on the tip of my tongue. I just can't tranpose them into actual words.


and I would also like to just say WOW! The number 2 member commented on one of my posts. I think that's pretty damn cool. I appreciate your help. Sorry I can't be of any more.
OK, it's me again. The one that posted the question. I went digging through my music and found the song. It's "Run" by Snow Patrol. It's off the Final Straw album.

Thank you to those of you that responded. I guess the admin can add this to the answered list.
Favourite quote "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most"I somehow confused this with another Q :unsure: .The main video clip probably has the music you're asking about - heck,check them all out ! That'll give others a chance to identify it.Sorry for the confusion!!